Writer and Reader in English at King’s College London

12 March 2018

‘The most intriguing and certainly the bravest work of literary scholarship I have ever read’
Deborah Levy

How might we live more freely, and will we be happier or lonelier if we do? Re-reading The Golden Notebook in her thirties, shortly after Doris Lessing’s death, Lara Feigel discovered that Lessing spoke directly to her as a woman, a writer, and a mother in a way that no other novelist had done. At a time when she was dissatisfied with the conventions of her own life, Feigel was enticed by Lessing’s vision of freedom.

Praise for The Bitter Taste of Victory

‘Urgent, absorbing, and quietly devastating, The Bitter Taste of Victory is a suberb achievement.’
Frances Wilson, Telegraph

Lara Feigel