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‘Urgent, absorbing, and quietly devastating, The Bitter Taste of Victory is a suberb achievement. Few books catch so well the strange energy of the war’s immediate aftermath, the half-crazed adrenalin and slow-burning despair’ *****
Frances Wilson, Telegraph

‘Feigel does a brilliant job of shining a spotlight on this complicated moral universe. Without pause or stumble she takes us from champagne receptions to bombed-out factories. Along the way we meet a fascinating cast of characters, all attempting to make sense of a unique historical moment’ ******
Kathryn Hughes, Mail on Sunday

Praise for The Love-charm of Bombs

‘The Love-charm of Bombs’ is a bounding success as an account of wartime London and as a study of highly strung but tough characters under stress … I haven’t for many a year read a book of literary scholarship with such impatience to know what happens next’
Richard Davenport-Hines, Sunday Telegraph

‘Feigel has written a wonderful book in a critical genre in which she is a pioneer. There will, for sure, be more works of “new biography”. Let’s hope they are as good as this one’
John Sutherland, New Statesman

Lara Feigel